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Downsizing Diva's
Inspirations & Recommendations

Nice and succinct...I love this ladies short videos


A page with many approaches and links at the Association of Professional Declutterers & Organisers APDO

On General Reduction of Possessions

On a particular difficulty of mine, reduction of clothing quantities...I mean, how do you choose?

I am not a fan of the 'pull out all of your clothes' method. I feel for some people this would be too much and they may not get back into their beds for weeks.

To read more on my approach please read my Blog.

Capsule Wardrobe Article Link
Downsize Your Wardrobe

The images link to very practical articles on how to approach this, quite possibly, a daunting task at and a nice short article on the capsule wardrobe at 'Never Without Navy'.

After watching and reading these links I was inspired to get rid of about 30 items from my wardrobe. My own approach to this area was to discover items that I didn't wear, discarding items I did wear at times, but didn't like anymore or had seen better days.

To read more on my wardrobe and other articles, please read my Blog.

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