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My Personal Green-cleaning Recommendations

Make your own fragrant anti-septic multi-surface cleaner

Dissolve Hard Lime Scale with BioD Toilet Cleaner

BioD Toilet Cleaner is ideal for use in lime-scale regions and safe to use

on most hard surfaces. I have used it on shower screens, sinks and bathtubs. (Caution when used on some metals, stone, especially aluminium...check on a hidden piece if in doubt).

It is quite thick, so will sit on surfaces while it does the job.

Sparkle the Glass with Vinegar

White vinegar has been used for hundreds, if not thousands of year, and used with a clean flat cotton cloth to finish the glass (I usually commandeer old bedding or clothing), or micro-fibre, can help maintain the sparkle of windows and glass home décor.

Soda Crystals

When I was introduced to the amazing soda crystals, I realised that I may wasted months of my life scouring. It is highly alkaline, so will dry out your skin in no time at all, so wear rubber gloves...and be very careful not to get it in your eyes, I can assure you this is quite painful, thankfully it washed out easily with water. Below are examples of the most effective times I have used this remarkable product.

Soda Crystals On Carbonised Pans

I once used this amazing product on a heavily carbonised saucepan, the owner had burned potatoes, well and truly onto it. I added several desert spoons of the soda into the pan with enough boiling water to cover the carbon. I brought the burnt pan to the boil, watching to make sure that it didn't boil over.

I left it to cool for an hour while carrying out other tasks. I emptied the now cool solution down the sink and using a desert spoon, scooped out the now soft carbon. The tiny bit of remaining carbon was easily scoured away with one of those fantastic stainless-steel scourers.

Soda Crystals on Thick Grease

I have found the top of kitchen cupboards get remarkably greasy, mixing with dust, and if left for may years, can give hours of work in not very comfortable positions.

The best labour saving way to tackle this hidden kitchen blight, is to use old cloths soaked in a soda crystal solution and just simply leave for half an hour or more, depending on the severity of the dirt. Ensure they are not dripping, as this can run and clean parts of surfaces not in your plan.

When you go back you will find it has turned into a jelly like substance that is easily scraped off with a wall-paper scraper. You can work across the unit top in sections, moving the cloths after replenishing them in the soda solution. You will need to give the now almost clean surface a go over with some vinegar to neutralise the alkaline. And if you'd like to add a more appealing aroma, see my multi-surface recipe pdf here.

A great tip to eliminate even this simplified chore, is to cover the unit tops with wall paper liner, some other thick paper that will lay easily and absorb grease. Change it at least yearly.

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