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'Being green and clean is not just an aspiration but an action' ~ Christine Pelosi

The Diva Dazzle
Green Cleaning Tutoring

I have practised environmentally friendly cleaning in a professional capacity for over ten years. I also trained and have given support to others to become self-employed green cleaners. 

Below is the kitchen floor of an online customer, at the start of a Diva Dazzle session. Click or Tap to read review


Successful cleaning well is an art with a technical approach, done properly it is a long term investment of your time as, after a few deep cleaning sessions, it creates a future of mainly minimal work to keep your living space clean.

Below is the kitchen floor of the online customer, after the Diva Dazzle session. Click or Tap to read review

Following your training programme, I will create a bespoke schedule for you. This will combine the occasional deep clean with regular lighter cleans. The extensive experience I have can be passed onto you, giving you the approach to minimise the burden of keeping your home clean and sparkling.

LJM kitchen floor.jpeg
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