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'Happiness is a state between too little and too much' ~ Finnish Proverb

Maximise Space & Minimise Clutter
with Downsizing Diva

Stressed by stuff?

Dismayed by disorder?

Overwhelmed by disorganisation?

A relaxing home
A clear bedroom can aid sleep

Transform your home into the space that you need, be it calm, functional or creative


With my relaxed, non-judgmental guidance, I will enable you to have the space you desire

You will be guided and supported through the process of organising your possessions and freeing yourself of unnecessary clutter using my ZAR© technique

Zoning - where we decide on categorised spaces and systems for your possessions

Arranging - organising items for ease of access and functionality

Refining - removing poorer quality duplicates, selling or donating now apparent unneeded items

Clutter-free kitchens are easier to work in
Decor placed in balance aids a calmer living environment

Benefits of using Downsizing Diva Consultancy

  • Save money by having less stuff when you come to move house

  • Make money by selling items that will be loved by someone else

  • Save time by knowing where your things are

Services Offered


Decluttering and Organising

Organising and decluttering your home and arranging your possessions in a neat and practical manner

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Home Staging

Arranging your furnishings to improve the aesthetics of your home

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Moving Support

Packing and organising your move so that you can unpack and settle-in in the most efficient way

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The Diva Dazzle

Training you in the most efficient and environmentally-friendly way that I have found to keep your home clean

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A clean and clutter free living room is relaxing for guests
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