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'Courage taught me no matter how bad a crisis gets ... any sound investment will eventually pay off' ~ Carlos Slim Helu

Mix and match any of my services


Initial Consultation ~ Free


Here we can discuss how we will work together, your requirements, and come up with a plan to work within your budget and schedule. 

Save 10%


Free Consultation Session

for Every Nine Booked

Free Online Consultation

Online Consultation

1½ Hours ~ £50

In terms of productivity, focus and energy, I find ninety minutes to be the ideal session length for my clients and myself.

Included in this consultation fee is ongoing support via email or messenger apps. I am available 8 am - 9 pm online, and during daylight hours for in-person sessions, Monday to Saturday.

Examples of how I can support you between sessions

  • you may want to ask a question or query something

  • or send a photo of your work for feedback

  • I can create a 'Home-work' plan for between sessions to improve our outcome

  • deliver items you wish to donate to your chosen charity

  • the more you put in, the more you will get out!

I'm looking forward to supporting you to create a system in your home that empowers you to have the environment you need for a clearer mind.

Warmest regards,


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