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'Buy less, choose well' ~ Vivienne Westwood

What my Customers Say

Ms J ~ Yorkshire ~ Diva Dazzle Session ~ March 2021
‘Big thanks for today DD. You're brill at this.'

Such a milestone for me to clean this floor. It has been making me feel sad whenever I see it, for months. Being directed through the best cleaning process to tackle it has enabled me to get my kitchen back!!

Please see my customers before and after photos here.

Relaxing Tidy Home
A Tidy Relaxing Lounge

Mrs R ~ Retired in Pembrokeshire ~ Home Staging ConsultationDownsizing & Moving Support ~ December 2018

'She was a godsend.'
Two years ago we were selling a large house into a bungalow 50% smaller. The situation was daunting due to the amount of organising and decisions making required. Being overwhelmed by the enormity of the tasks ahead, help was urgently required.
Throughout the process Downsizing Diva (DD) kept me focused primarily by breaking the tasks down to manageability. Large furniture items were donated to needy charities. My concentration was also improved thereby reducing the anxiety issues. It seemed a 'lifeline' had materialised due to clearer decision making on my part.
On moving home, more decluttering was required. Cupboards look so neat and l can see everything at a glance. Still more to do but l must say that Sarah's organisational skills were essential. She is motivated, suitable and highly recommended.

Please see my customers before and after photos here.

Miss L ~ Artist in Yorkshire ~ ZAR© ~ Decluttering & Organising Consultation ~ January 2021

'I am stunned by the result.'

The under-sink cupboard was a job I couldn't face tackling alone. I tended to use the very front part for food bags, plus I kept a roll of bin bags there, but the rest was jam-packed and I couldn't get at anything at all and so had given up.

When Downsizing Diva (DD) facilitated my declutter, I first emptied out the cupboard with her, online. I was gobsmacked to find seven rolls of bin bags… and 4 boxes of tin foil, about 50 unused pot scrubbers and many other duplicates of things I'd bought thinking I’d run out! Sarah helped me empty the cupboard very carefully, then guided me to allocate storage containers for the cupboard contents we had categorised. She then directed the refilling of the cupboard, seeking the best configuration with me.

We tried out a few arrangements, on different shelves, then I was able to work out the best layout with her. I am stunned by the result. I certainly won't need to buy any further cleaning or laundry supplies for a good while! As for bin bags... I probably have enough for a few years!

DD was so patient and kind with me, especially as I was stressed as the under-sink cupboard nightmare was something I could not face. DD kept me focused and it honestly felt like she was in my kitchen with me. I am surprised how well this process works online, which worked out to be more practical than had she been there physically in my small galley kitchen.

A Clutter Free Kitchen
Miniman Relaxing Reading Space

Mrs L ~ Full-time parent in South Wales ~ ZAR© ~ Decluttering & Organising Consultation ~ February 2021

'...turn your house into a home...'

Being in lockdown surrounded by clutter can be suffocating and debilitating. I saw this page and decided to take a chance with something new to see if it would work for me. It was the best decision I've made!

The lady makes you feel at ease from the off, upbeat and really focused on the task. Helps you get where you need to be, so you can let go of what's holding you back and turn your house into a home, not just what feels like a storage facility. Empowers you and doesn't give up until you get the job done!

Even though shielding, she was able to help me just fine via zoom. Highly recommended! I wish I had found this page years ago.

Give it a try, I promise you, you won't regret it!

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